Activity Involving Sacrifice

Question from Allen:

I have a group of 40 and about 30 minutes.  I need an activity to get across the idea of sacrifice. So any game where the main strategy to win or succeed involves sacrifice.


This might be worth a conversation as it really depends upon what kind of sacrifice you are considering.

Win Win Win is a great activity that actually sacrifices competition for the sake of the entire group.  Also, you have to sacrifice your groups agenda and plan in order to create greater success.  This would work really well with your 5 teams of 8, which is exactly how the game is set up.

An additional sacrifice would seem to be ‘time’.  The planning takes time and many people get frustrated by how much time it is taking.  However, it becomes very clear that extraordinary time is saved and everyone ‘wins’.  Interestingly, some people simply don’t like that and have a zero sum mentality.  That mentality must be sacrificed for the good of the group.

So – perhaps a different kind of sacrifice than you were thinking, but you could extrapolate to other areas and you could apply the lessons to your real-life challenge.

What ideas do you have for Allen?  Share  below so we can all learn!

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