What is a Fun Outdoor Team Activity We Can Run Ourselves?


We are an Employment Services Company, a close knit team of 23 already but looking for outdoors (as we live by the sea), something fun we can do all together.  EG: last year we did Minute to Win IT.

Any ideas you have would be great.



Fun, learning and meaning can all exist together.


I have been thinking about this and I would suggest finding something community based is usually the next step.  Make it fun and meaningful at the same time.

Community Clean Up

An easy example of community based activity – you are near the sea, so go clean up the beaches near you.  That is typical and where most people/companies stop.Take it a step or two further!

Take the trash and ask the people to build a life-changing product that everyone in the world would want to own.  Give them 25 minutes


Take the trash and assemble a soccer ball out of what you have and hold a contest on the beach and see who can kick the ball the furthest down the ‘field’ (3 foot wide and LONG area marked with rope or in the sand).  If you build soccer balls, you could show them a video from Amen Project (one of our partners) and we donate Indestructaballs.


Create a ‘race’ which we call ‘The Dump Run’.  Set a loose course for your people, possibly a loop.  Participants can run, walk, jog – whatever they want.  They can also adjust their own path on the course.  Along the way, they can pick up trash.  For every piece of trash they pick up, it subtracts 1 minute from their over all time.  So, run if you want, walk if you want, pick up as much trash as you want.  In the end, if you are a runner and I am a walker, we can ‘compete’ in the same race.

The learning – what people saw as ‘trash’ is now an important resource.  What else do we have in abundance that we give little value?
By the way, this trash is exactly what people in third world countries have to build and assemble items.  You could show a video or two (Landfill Harmonic, for example) to help the first worlders appreciate what we have, but also celebrate the creativity we all have latent in us.  The best way to unleash our latent creativity is through playing.

FYI – this is actually an activity we run but we give people the trash, except the dump run.  You can watch a short trailer here as well as a couple of other activities we run (Only a Minute on our site is ‘Minute to Win It’, but we connect it to philanthropy, which makes it fun and seriously awesome).So, what I would suggest is look at how you can make an impact upon your community and them make it fun too.  There is ALWAYS a way to do it and you just need to focus on that one idea and connections will begin to flow!



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