Yes, we ARE here to help you in the way you need it – phone or email!  Every single person who answers the phone can help you.  We all facilitate and use the tools and techniques you see here.

support team

Call us at 800-513-8759!

This is NOT one of our facilitators but we love that smile.   This is exactly the kind of smile you can expect when you call.


If you have a question, please submit it here.  Or you can Submit an Idea!  Or you can Submit a Content Request!

However, if you need to reach us for some other reason, don’t hesitate!  Email us right now!

Check out our FAQ section and if you don’t find the answer you are searching for, submit a question!


Need to send us some snail mail?  Please do!  We are based in Nevada, but our Colorado office is the best way to reach us quickly:

Be Legendary
3345 Broadway St. #1
Boulder, CO 80304

YES, we know it all!  Well, maybe not…  But, if we don’t have the answer, we will find it out and help you.  Submit a question for us!

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