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Jelly Roll

Great activity that requires teamwork and solid communication.

This is a physical activity with close physical proximity.

Jelly Roll is only available as an activity in the Walk the Plank Kit.

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Military Base Resiliency Package


Discount ONLY available through 2019 Year End!

Training and materials for your entire base to train up a contingent of facilitators great at small group discussion and the activities to deepen camaraderie and develop resilience.

In order to purchase this package, you must be military or a military contractor.

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Military Resilience Package


Create a group of effective facilitators:

  • Fort Knox Kit, ($2,495 value)
  • One-year membership to DIY Team Center for 5, ($1,500 value)
  • Paid enrollment in Effective Facilitation for four ($5,580 value)
  • One year access to paid webinar facilitator and leadership training, ($3,960 value)
  • 15% discount on additional activities
  • Unlimited ad hoc coaching from Be Legendary facilitators

In order to purchase this package, you MUST be military or a military contractor.

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Spider Web
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Spider Web


Vertical web, horizontal web and several other activities all in this long-time favorite team activity!

A physical activity with great discussion points, we have included four different variations on the same materials.  Caution – this activity requires a high degree of physical touching that may not be appropriate for all groups or cultures.

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Walk the Plank Kit


Walk the Plank includes some of the best activities that can be found on a low ropes course but are now portable!

One of the greatest trust activities of all time (that is NOT goofy), leadership, communication, problem solving and much more are covered in this amazing kit.

Best used in a gym or some other hard, smooth surface but has been used MANY times outside with great results.

The materials are all professionally manufactured with a great looking finish.

Warning – this activity is 7′ long and 100lbs.

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