Alphabet Soup


This event is designed to stimulate dialogue about how team members work together to be more efficient and effective.

The groups get multiple attempts to touch a sequence of letter and numbers as fast as they can. There is an overall time limit and the group can spend their time continuing to try to do it faster by practice, or spend their time strategizing with fewer attempts.

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Participants: 8 – 32

Location: Outside (Inside only with a large amount of room)

Activity Level: High

Time Needed:15 to 20 Minutes plus debrief – 45 to 60 minutes total

Objectives: Problem Solving , Pure Fun, Communication

Designed to stimulate dialogue about how team members work together to be more efficient and effective.

This event will reveal learning related to continual improvement..

More details:
In this activity the team has to get the best time in sequencing a series of alphabetized bean bags. Full team participation is necessary along with plenty of communication. This activity really supports how effective trial & learn can be for an outcome.

Many teams will try to ‘think’ their way to the solution of this or find the ‘trick’, but the key is the key to most business solutions — do it faster, better and get the results. This exercise will help them experience the need make a decision given the information at hand and make it work. Repetition and process improvement are necessary as there is no creative ‘trick’.

Combine this activity with Don’t Touch Me, which has a kind of ‘trick’ by thinking creatively, and you have two great activities to show the value of both creativity and the need to test ideas are required for true innovation.

Due to the high activity necessary — short amounts of running will occur — this is a GREAT activity to energize participants when you see them starting to fade (such as after lunch or after a long speaking session).

With the variations, this exercise can be run by the same group several times.

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