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  • breaking philanthropic Guinness World Records with thousands of people
  • giving away over 50,000 bicycles  so kids fit in with their friends
  • thousands of skateboards to keep kids active
  • hundreds of thousands of shoes and sandals so kids can attend school
  • countless meals to kids who would go hungry
  • indestructible soccer balls donated around the world to impact ENTIRE communities

Every event and experience shares three elements:

    1. Uniquely tailoring content specific to your outcomes
    2. Carefully crafted defining moment and experience that connects heart and mind
    3. Life application to inspire action for your outcomes

Help your people be legendary for a child.

Children and ____________.

A FIRST Bicycle!

And heath.  And exercise.  And freedom.  And sheer awesomeness.

Build a bicycle in small teams with each team meeting their customer – a local child not favored by fortune who will receive their first bike!

If you put a child on a bicycle before the age of 12, they are 65% less likely to be obese as an adult!  In the last 20 years, we have put over 50,000 children, who would never own one, on a bicycle with a helmet, lock and backpack.

Giving a child their first bikes is like Christmas morning with the best gift EVER.  Nothing compares to it and this will never be forgotten by your people or the kids receiving them.

This program is called Building A Dream.

Because that is what you do – assemble and give away the dream of owning a bike.

*A Guinness World Record is available to be broken on this event!*


Children local to you will go hungry tonight and will not eat until tomorrow morning when they go to school.  Sometimes not until lunch, which is the only meal they eat every day.  This is true especially in wealthy communities.

Food for Kids is a high-energy and fast-paced food-packaging event.  After framing the experience, we put together as many nutritious meals as possible in the given time frame.  We can make this a fun competitive experience, a collaborative one and any way you slice it, it is fun!

EVERY single meal goes toward local children to where the event is taking place to give back to the community.

*A Guinness World Record is available to be broken on this event!*


Get On Board is a challenging activity focused around change that puts kids on skateboards!  If you are looking at any kind of change and need your people to ‘get on board’, this is the PERFECT experience.

Skateboards today are what bicycles were for children years ago – for many, a rite of passage.  Like a bike, it also provides freedom, the wind in your face and a host of other awesome benefits from a child having one.

During the experience, participants work with children to receive a 100% customized skateboard, helmet, lock and pads.  Once done, adults help the children assemble the skateboard.

While the kids get a ridable skateboard, the adults get a small fidget fingerboard to remember the experience and that change can be a GREAT experience!


Power of reCreation is simply awesome.

We challenge your people, split into teams, to accomplish two tasks simultaneously:

  1. Build a life-changing product (sheer creativity)
  2. Assemble & test a soccer ball, then compete with it (innovation)

Using nothing but trash (don’t worry, it is clean).

What first appeared to be useless ‘trash’ is now incredibly valuable materials your team members will need to collaborate and compromise as the materials are needed for both.

After a few presentations of life-changing products, Indestructaballs – soccer balls that cannot be flattened – will be signed by your people and delivered around the world for children to play.

The experience is chock-full of great learning opportunities but is amazingly fun at the same time!


Care Carts is a assembly and decorating process of special wheeled carts that are then stuffed with toys, soft animals, books and other materials.  The carts are placed in waiting rooms and used by nurses in children’s hospitals.  The entire cart can be wheeled into a child’s room so they can have a few moments of joy (and control) as they select what they most want.

To say this is a tear-jerker is an understatement and your people will put their heart and soul into the experience.

Lasting between 60 minutes and 4 hours, each Care Cart will impact hundreds of children for years!

Christmas or Birthdays!

Giving a gift is one of the most powerful actions a person can make.

One World, One Team is not only fun but gives children gifts both locally and worldwide.  It’s about local action with a global reach as teams work together to create, produce and pack gift boxes for distribution throughout the world.

Then there is the ONE special package, different from the rest that is put aside until the end when local children, who have birthdays that month, are brought in to open their carefully selected birthday present.  We get to watch them open a gift that has EXACTLY what they wanted and see that Christmas-morning expression that we all love to experience.

The children are our new teammates as we finish the gifts, letting the children ‘pay-it-forward’ to other children they will never meet.


Inspiring Minds is a wildly fun exercise intended to facilitate discussion about how to effectively stimulate creativity, inspiration and big picture thinking within an organization and teams.

Inspiring Minds stimulates the imagination of both adults and students with incredible demonstrations of science lessons – in small groups.

Participants are broken into teams of 3 to 7 and assigned a science project that they will have to study, learn, implement and TEACH to children aged 11 to 13 years old.  First, the adults watch a live demonstration, then are given some to learn the science principles before their ‘students’ come in to learn.

Inspiring Minds will excite students about science education and inspire adults to become active in education in their own community.  Trust me – the teachers could use the help!


Millions and millions of children are shoeless, putting them at risk in many different ways.

Additionally, in most countries around the world you are not allowed to attend school if you do not have shoes to wear.

Sole Purpose solves this challenge for children around the world.  A shoe drive is communicated and scheduled for the participants so they can bring spare shoes to the event.  During the event, sandals are assembled and there are a couple of additional opportunities for your people to get a glimpse of what it might be like to not own a pair of shoes.  These are optional and the participants get to choose what they would like to do!

Deployed Soldiers!

Operation You Matter connects children and your people to put together care packages for deployed soldiers.  While filled with goodies and boring necessary items, we also have your people put in personal, meaningful notes and a Polaroid photo of your group.  Finishing by decorating the box itself and playing a fun game with the kids, this is an amazing experience to do some good and give back to those away from home.  Help them feel the true spirit of ‘You Matter’.

The day may be tough, but you are tougher!

Backpacks & School Supplies

Surthrival is a backpack-stuffing event we run WITH children who arrive on site as special team members.

Run as a competitive event, inevitably teams combine efforts

The materials include boring ‘survival’ stuff like toothbrushes and toothpaste – important! – and also thrival stuff like art supplies to inspire the heart and mind of the children who receive them.  All of the items are, sadly, sorely needed by parents who cannot afford them for their children.

Ending with a fun game with the children and running through a human tunnel, this is a crazy-fun experience that give LOTS of students what they need to survive AND thrive.

You Choose!

Only A Minute is a series of 60-second challenges based upon the gameshow, Minute to Win It.  You get to pick a single philanthropic impact or many different charities or causes to impact.

This experience is designed to be HIGH ENERGY, fun and help connect people together through a common cause.  It was inspired by the Benjamin Mays Poem, Only A Minute:

I have only just a minute,
Only sixty seconds in it.
Forced upon me, can’t refuse it.
Didn’t seek it, didn’t choose it.
But it’s up to me to use it.
I must suffer if I lose it.
Give account if I abuse it.
Just a tiny little minute,
but eternity is in it.

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Custom Experiences

We have created dozens of experiences unique to our clients that directly relates to their business and resonates with their people.  These have been used in training, on-boarding, leadership development and on-going employee engagement initiatives.

Thousands of Clients Can't Be Wrong!

A few of the hundreds of clients from every industry and all sizes who trust us.


Corporate team building for teams? 

All day long

Conferences for huge numbers of people? 

100% in our wheelhouse

Large company meeting? 

Just ask our 15-year client with 5,000 people and 1,000 kids at 7:00 PM on a Wednesday night

Any kind of meeting where you need a defining moment and experience to bring people together is a great fit.

Every one of our experiences gives back to the community in ways that directly impact children.  You simply pick what most resonates with you and let us do all the work.

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