Military Packages

Experiential activities that deepen camaraderie and help develop resilience.

Fort Knox Kit Package

Materials and training to bring people together in small groups in meaningful learning experiences. Our activities have been used with tens of thousands of people.

Resilience Package

Designed to help a small group on your base/post create experiences that deepen camaraderie and help develop resiliency among your people.

Base Resiliency Package

Train up a contingent of facilitators who are great at small group discussion and give them the materials to deepen camaraderie and help develop resilience throughout your base or post.


We sell a limited number of these packages at any one time.  This is NOT a sales gimmick.  We want to ensure we provide LEGENDARY support and cannot do that if we sell too many at at time.  Our staff will not be rushed when on the phone and training facilitators to be good enough to be on our team takes years.

The activities are application oriented to help participants experience and learn teamwork, trust, leadership and many other ‘soft skills’ that are so important in our lives.

After working with countless people, training several hundred through our Effective Facilitator Workshop, we have created the packages to provide you what you need to make a meaningful difference for people.  Effective facilitation turns a ‘silly game’ into a lifetime learning moment.

A Few Recent Military Customers

We have worked extensively with the military as you can see below, both our products and services.  Below are a few of the military clients and we would LOVE to add you to the list!

US Marine Corps
US Dept. of VA, DC
US Army – Fort Gordon
US Army – Kuwait
US Army – FMWR Bavaria
Lincoln’s ChalleNGe Academy
Army National Guard, AZ
Army National Guard, IA
Army National Guard, MA
Army National Guard, ME
Army National Guard, MI
Army National Guard, PR
Army National Guard, VA
Army National Guard, WA
National Guard National Youth Symposium

US Army Recruiting & Retenion
USAREC, Albany
USAREC, Baltimore
USAREC, Beckley
USAREC, Atlanta
USAREC, Harrisburg
USAREC, BN Mid-Atlantic
USAREC, New England
USAREC, New York City
USAREC, Syracuse
USAREC, Columbia
USAREC, Jacksonville
USAREC, Raleigh
USAREC, Montgomery
USAREC, Baton Rough
USAREC, Chicago
USAREC, Cleveland
USAREC, Columbus
USAREC, Great Lakes
USAREC, Indianapolis
USAREC, Phoenix
USAREC, Portland
USAREC, Great Lakes
USAREC, Milwaukee
USAREC, Minneapolis
USAREC, Nashville
USAREC, Dallas
USAREC, Denver
USAREC,  Houston
USAREC, Kansas City
USAREC, Oklahoma City
USAREC, San Antonio
USAREC, Los Angeles
USAREC, Sacramento
USAREC, Salt Lake City
USAREC, Southern CA
USAREC, Seattle
USAREC, Fresno

RAF Alconbury UK
USAF – Andrews AFB
USAF – Aviano AFB
USAF – Buckley AFB
USAF – David Monathan AFB
USAF – Fairchild AFB
USAF – Lackland AFB
USAF – Langley AFB
USAF – Los Angeles AFB
USAF – Misawa AFB
USAF – Peterson AFB
USAF – Scott AFB
USAF – Tuscon AFB
USAF – Tyndall AFB
USAF – Vandenburg AFB
USAF – Warren AFB

Unlimited Support from Professional Facilitators

Our Be Legendary staff of facilitators is ready to help you, if you need it.  Emails are okay but phone calls are MUCH more instructive.

The support you receive is not limited to AFTER you purchase.  Have a question?  Want to know exactly how an activity works before you buy it?  Just call us at 800-513-8759.  Anyone who answers the phone can help you!  All our staff is trained to share not sell.

Our staff is available Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mountain time.  However, if you have an emergency, use our contact form and put EMERGENCY as your last name, so instead of “John Doe”, it would be “John EMERGENCY”.  Your email will be flagged and sent to everyone to see who can help first!

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