Why Team Workouts?

Teams MUST practice being a team.

60 minute DIY sessions to help your team practice and become stronger.

Why Team Workouts?

To become physically stronger, have more endurance, to stay physically fit and/or to be healthier, you must work out.

We accept this as fact.  Professional athletes spend 98% of their time working out and 2% performing.

Teams spend the opposite, at best.  *Maybe* 2% of their time practicing and 98% performing, yet are expected to be at their best ALL the time.

For a team to become stronger, to become better, they MUST work out.

Workouts focus on communication, collaboration, trust, teamwork, leadership – all the challenging aspects of being a great team.

Our workouts are set up to help you create engaging learning experiences for your team.  After working thousands of teams, we know what works and what doesn’t!

What to Expect in Your Workouts

Each is designed to take between 45-60 minutes, sometimes less, depending upon the level of engagement and discussion in your team.

The ROI on these workouts is exponential in your growth.  Many of the workouts may only take 60 minutes but may give back to you for a lifetime.  THAT is a serious ROI.

Reading the workouts without action is like reading the instructions on the side of a circuit machine at the gym and saying you got a physical workout.  Time for Action is the time for the workout.

Many of our workouts are free, some are paid.  Some include personal coaching time to integrate the workouts deeper into your daily life, many don’t include that.

What do I get in the workouts?

Each workout comes with:

  • Necessary materials, physical or digital (video)

  • PowerPoint presentation (if applicable)

  • Leader’s Guide

  • Facilitative questions to create application-based learning.

Every Team Workout is designed to be experiential.  While you may not be moving around physical experience, you may have an emotional or mental experience which is then discussed in conversation.

Sample Workouts

Teamwork from Jackass

Explore behavior of how teams TRULY behave through this funny video that has amazing metaphors and connections back to life and work.

Create a Unifying Vision for your Team

Use this simple activity to help your team understand the need for a common vision, then create that vision with them!  Incredibly powerful for any team.

What the Beep?

What invisible forces are shaping the habits of you and your team?  Discover how unwritten rules and behavior are created, unmask the ridiculous rules and get rid of what isn’t working.

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