James Carter

Boulder, Colorado

James focuses on shifting mindsets of leaders and teams who are willing to challenge the status quo and change this world for the better.  He has co-authored books with Steven Covey, Ken Blanchard, Deepak Chopra and Brian Tracy.

James is the Founder & CEO of Be Legendary.

Through the 10 years of research into legendary people, James has uncovered the simple fact that legendary people are 100% engaged in life. Engaged people don’t think outside the box, they challenge the box itself.

He now helps organizations by creating authentic leadership and employee engagement systems that create meaning and give back to communities. He has worked with over 35% of Fortune 100 companies, hundreds of mid-size and small business, school districts, every branch of the military and even youth leadership across the country, helping anyone and everyone be more engaged in life.

James continues to push the envelope through ‘extreme’ experiences, is the creator of Shakubuku, was recently featured in CNN and his company was called “The Stuff of Legend” by Business Destinations.

In his words, “What is legendary to me? Being the person my daughter believes I am, even when she is not looking.”


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