We are creating “lesson plans” for you to take your materials into classrooms and be more effective.  Here are two we created for your use:

These are not complete with every detail but will give you a good direction to begin and give you more confidence as you are running activities.

Basic Lesson Plan for EVERY Activity:

Brief – provide some basic content and tell them what they will be doing during your time together.  Mystery is not your friend here.  Be completely transparent and tell them what the end goal is, “The goal is for you to experience different types of leadership and then talk about how leadership impacts your world. And finally for you to think of what kind of leadership you like and what kind of leader YOU want to be.”

Activity – plan and execute exactly the activity that is best suited for the group.  Read the blog post, How Do I Know Which Team Building Activity to Select for more information about selecting an activity.

Debrief – As a series of questions using a basic stepping model to take them from the activity and back to an application in life/school/work.  The basic model for debriefing questions is DIGA:

  1. Describe
  2. Interpret
  3. Generalize
  4. Apply

You can actually use these words to begin your questions to generate discussion, “Describe to me what happened during the activity.”

As a general rule, spend 75% or so of your time in #1 and #2.  This give participants the opportunity to talk about the content in the context of the activity – less ego and defensiveness – and use the lessons learned in the activity translate back to life/work/school.

REMEMBER! We need your feedback and what it is you are looking for in this arena. Tell us what you need and want to see on this site to be more effective. Email James Carter at jcarter (@) teambuildingactivity.com.

ALSO! Please help other recruiters around the country by detailing your successes in each activity – load up photos and tell your story of what worked.

We look forward to helping you!

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