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Collaborative Scavenger Hunt


The Collaborative Hunt is a self-facilitated workshop by you while all the preliminary work is completed by Be Legendary. You give us the location, some information on your company and competitors and we create the perfect Collaborative Hunt.

We ship you all the materials you will need for teams of 5 to run in a 3 to 8 hour setting. Click here (opens a new window) to download a sample passport.

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Group Juggling


If inter-departmental communication and processes are your group’s bugbear, then opt for ‘Group Juggling’ and you will soon witness all round improvements back at the work place.  ‘Group Juggling’ is an icebreaker that is 100% fun and heightens communication within teams. Group synergy is at the core of this game and it provides the foundation for participants to learn to work together and to act as a team.

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Jelly Roll

Great activity that requires teamwork and solid communication.

This is a physical activity with close physical proximity.

Jelly Roll is only available as an activity in the Walk the Plank Kit.

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