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Chain of Command


Chain of Command is a game that fosters problem-solving skills. The emphasis is on facing challenges as a team through trust, communication and co-operation. Leadership must be shared in order for the group to accomplish the task which creates rich discussion during the debrief.

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Knot A Team


The purpose of this exercise is to bring group members closer together. This is true in the physical and metaphorical meaning.

Many groups need to unravel the difficulties before they can become a ‘team’. Not all groups are teams. In fact, most of the ‘teams’ we facilitate for are simple groups that have been thrown together as a ‘team’.

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Supply Chain


The purpose of this exercise is to physically demonstrate the metaphor that every member of a team is an important ‘link in the chain’.

While the exercise is technically simple, there is the need for quality of performance and efficiency. Many of the group’s norms and unwritten ‘rules’ will put barriers in the way and will decrease performance.

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