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Fort Knox Kit


We know how scary it can be to try new activities. Don’t worry, we have tried and tested all of these and use ALL of them in our own facilitation.

With the key to Fort Knox, you receive an incredible repository of information to create the perfect event for your group.

Just like Fort Knox in Kentucky, this kit is filled with solid gold – all the activities are proven by years of experience with thousands of participants

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Let Go my Ego
Let Go my Ego
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Let Go My Ego


Overcoming frustration and resisting the temptation to blame each other will be key to moving the bar in the direction you choose. People can find themselves sacrificing their integrity and doing the opposite of their intention.

This activity is amazing for communication, leadership, teamwork, the PERFECT example of a team going through Tuckman’s model of a team – Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing. They go through each stage EVERY time.


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