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Alphabet Soup


This event is designed to stimulate dialogue about how team members work together to be more efficient and effective.

The groups get multiple attempts to touch a sequence of letter and numbers as fast as they can. There is an overall time limit and the group can spend their time continuing to try to do it faster by practice, or spend their time strategizing with fewer attempts.

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Chain of Command


Chain of Command is a game that fosters problem-solving skills. The emphasis is on facing challenges as a team through trust, communication and co-operation. Leadership must be shared in order for the group to accomplish the task which creates rich discussion during the debrief.

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China Syndrome


A glimpse into China Syndrome:

The group must prevent a ‘China Syndrome’ from occurring by pouring the contents of one bucket into another using only the materials provided and staying outside a large circle. Any person using the materials must be blindfolded. Given a short timeline, this event can challenge ANY group.

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Communication Team Building Kit


This kit is a collection of communication activities proven to encourage group discussion around the topic of communication and how to improve communication among group members.

The team building exercises below have been proven to be excellent to help groups discover the importance of great communication and the need to continually practice.


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Get It Together


The purpose of this exercise is to practice clear communication and develop keys to trust during challenging and confusing times. The exercise creates a great deal of confusion and sometimes frustration as communication becomes difficult.

Feedback, both giving and receiving is the essence of communication and MUST be practiced here in order for the participants to accomplish their tasks. Due to the inherent communication difficulty the exercise creates, a high level of commitment is required by all participants. How many members of the team are not committed to the goals at work?

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Group Communication Workshop Kit

  • Four to six hour Communication workshop
  • Workshop can be broken up into two or more sessions
  • Run indoor or outdoor
  • Highly experiential and interactive
  • Focused on using skills we already have!
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Group Juggling


If inter-departmental communication and processes are your group’s bugbear, then opt for ‘Group Juggling’ and you will soon witness all round improvements back at the work place.  ‘Group Juggling’ is an icebreaker that is 100% fun and heightens communication within teams. Group synergy is at the core of this game and it provides the foundation for participants to learn to work together and to act as a team.

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Knot A Team


The purpose of this exercise is to bring group members closer together. This is true in the physical and metaphorical meaning.

Many groups need to unravel the difficulties before they can become a ‘team’. Not all groups are teams. In fact, most of the ‘teams’ we facilitate for are simple groups that have been thrown together as a ‘team’.

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Knot or Not A Knot


Does your team stand together in unity or fight for position/opinion? This activity is a great closing activity as a final ‘challenge’.  How are we actually viewing ourselves and our ‘positions’? Am I digging my heels in because I feel I am right?  This activity shows how holding your position can result in a pyrrhic victory.

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