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School Training Package


Enough training and materials for your entire school to use with staff, administration, teachers and students.

  • Fort Knox Kit x 5, ($12,475 value)
  • Spider Web Kit, ($429 value)
  • Board Walking Kit, ($499 value)
  • Walk the Plank Kit ($1,129 value)
  • Onsite 2.5 day Effective Facilitator Training workshop for up to 50, ($49,750 value)
  • One year membership to DIY Team Center for 50, ($15,000 value)
  • Unlimited support from Be Legendary facilitators

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Create a cohort of teachers who are facilitators:

  • Fort Knox Kit x 5, ($12,475 value)
  • Spider Web Kit, ($429 value)
  • Board Walking Kit, ($499 value)
  • Walk the Plank Kit ($1,129 value)
  • Onsite 2.5 day Effective Facilitator Training workshop for up to 50, ($49,750 value)
  • One year membership to DIY Team Center for 50, ($15,000 value)
  • 15% discount on future activities necessary for teacher in-service
  • Unlimited support from Be Legendary facilitators

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Fort Knox Kit Brief Description

Twenty of the best activities on earth, each packaged in an easy grab bag and all in a large rolling duffel.  The Fort Knox Kit is just like the gold repository – filled with value stuff.

The activites included are not random.  These are the activities we use all the time with our own clients.  This means we know the activities inside and out.  When you call to speak with a facilitator and ask about some nuanced way to run the activity, we not only know how to help you, we have probably run it exactly how you want it – hundreds of times.

Learn more about the Fort Knox Kit.

Spider Web Brief Description

You’ve seen this activity and we are offering it again for a VERY short time!

A physical activity that also have great discussion points, we have included four different variations on the same materials.

This multiple activity kit includes:

  • Electric Fence – a simulated ‘fence’ that everyone MUST get over.  It seems simple.  It is not!
  • Hole in Space – every MUST go through the center hole, with some variations
  • Horizontal Web – the web will stand horizontally and every must go through just like the traditional vertical spider web!
  • Spider Web – the traditional vertical spider web,

Learn more about the Spider Web Kit.

Walk the Plank Kit Brief Description

Walk the Plank includes 8 of the best activities that can be found on a low ropes course but are now portable!

One of the greatest trust activities of all time (that is NOT goofy), leadership, communication, problem solving and much more are covered in this amazing kit.

Best used in a gym or some other hard, smooth surface but has been used MANY times outside with great results.

Learn more about the Walk the Plank.

Board Walking Kit Brief Description

This super fun activity has groups walking, climbing and using the boards for all kinds of fun!

We like this activity because it is an easy physical activity that absolutely requires the group to work as one. There is no way to cheat, or even be super clever – you know those groups, right? We have plenty of them and this activity keeps them honest!

You can have 4 teams, up to people on each team, race against one another or you can link the boards together so all 12 must work together. This activity includes:

  • BoardWalking – teams must work together to accomplish a simple ‘walking’ task.  Run this as competing teams, or as one LONG line of people who must communicate and work together.  FUN!  Video below.
  • Ladders – using the boards as the ‘steps’, group members must move from Point A to Point B.  Simple right?  Not so much.  Participants cannot touch the group while on the ladder and the ladder cannot touch the ground!  Not so simple now…
  • River Crossing – Cross the river using the wooden ‘planks’ and rocks in the middle of the river.  This is very challenging and the group will have to make changes in the middle of the river when communication is difficult.
  • Trolley Journey – a complete journey using the ‘trolleys’ and envelopes to help create fun and challenge into the traditional BoardWalking.

Learn more about the Board Walking Kit.

DIY Team Center Membership

The DIY Team Center is where we are pouring out all of our experience and expertise about how to build/strengthen teams and individuals.  We have put up TONS of information as actionable reference but now are creating step by step instructions and supporting material to help you get start right away.


You receive unlimited access to:

  1. ALL our Activities – you can download instructions and will find exactly where to get materials if you do not want to purchase them.  There is no limit to the number of downloads or the number you download.  Get them all!
  2. Team Workouts, building a stronger team – 60 minute learning sessions surrounding various team topics – teamwork, collaboration, conflict, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, etc.  These workouts use our products in many cases so having the materials available reduces friction a manager might have.
  3. Leadership Workouts, becoming a better leader and leading your team is more challenging than ever before with the incredible demands that face you.  These workouts are TRULY workouts.  They are designed to help you become stronger, more resilient and more agile.  This will not happen if you passively watch videos and simply absorb.  You must work out at being a better leader.  This will help you do that.
  4. Weekly Warm-ups, refocus and renew – materials and topics for meaningful 15-minute discussions once per week to refocus the group on what is relevant and important.
  5. Facilitator Training – the very best of what we offer in our live facilitator training is here and broken into pieces for easy learning.
  6. Office Hours – every week we set aside time for members to ask us any questions you may have.

Learn more about the DIY Team Center!

Enrollment in our Effective Facilitator Training Workshop

Live, in-person, 2.5 day training that teaches a rock-solid format for planning, creating, executing and debriefing experiential learning.

We have taught thousands of educators how to effectively FACILITATE (not teach – a very different skill) activities of all kinds over the last 20 years.  Here are some of the benefits of attending:

  • Be confident standing in front of a group, knowing you can create an amazing learning opportunity.
  • Learn how to use activities and games to increase learning and understanding.
  • How to use a simple, natural format in your debrief to move the discussion from ‘What happened?’ to ‘What are we going to do differently moving forward?’
  • Practice facilitation techniques with interactive feedback and coaching.
  • Gain experience ACTUALLY running activities with a group.
  • Meet other freakishly awesome people who come to these workshops.
  • Facilitation is a ‘Life’ skill that can be used in every aspect of your life!

Learn more about the Effective Facilitator Workshop.

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