Activity for Group of 20 and Problem Solving


I have a group of 20 and I need an activity for problem solving.


Unfortunately, I need just a little more information to be able to direct you well in this area.  There can be a number of challenges under the umbrella of ‘problem solving:

  • Is this a group or individual problem?
  • If individuals, you might be better coaching them 1:1 instead of using a ‘team’ solution.  Especially if only a few people are having a hard time.
  • If a group, there might be a lack of brainstorming of potential solutions, so really you need a brainstorming activity, and possibly some brainstorming tools.
  • You might have a group that comes up with great ideas, but has a hard time coming to a decision about which direction to go to solve the problem.

How ever, we have a few that would be helpful in this area:

  • Tied in Knots – a great one that you can come back to that shows different styles of communication, leadership, etc in the face of the exact same problem with increasing limited time.
  • Team Shackles – a great ‘problem’ that helps people experience why they may not ask for help (when someone else clearly has the answer) and not offer help (when someone else clearly needs help)
  • Win Win Win – begins as competition and ends with collaboration as people realize that working together to solve a problem (score points) creates a better result.

When selecting an activity, carefully consider what the root challenge is. Try using the 5 Whys to help you.

You may not know the root and are using an activity to create discussion around it.  However, if you focus on why you need a particular activity, you will get much closer to having a great session.

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